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How Doctors Benefit From Our Mentorship Program


March 10, 2023

By Jon Runion. Runion Dental Group, Columbus, Ohio.

Teaching, sharing information and the passing along of experience, all of this is important to the future of our industry because mentoring leads to better patient care. It’s as simple as that.

I recently had the great pleasure to fly to Dallas and spend time with Dr. Almasri in a one-on-one mentorship as part of the Frontline Institute program designed to educate doctors on new techniques, procedures, innovative technology, industry trends and more effective ways to care for patients. This is a game changer for me. To have access to the top oral surgeon in our industry is priceless. It just creates an environment where there is no judging only learning. Dr. Almasri has done a wonderful job of removing those barriers and allowing us a dynamic place to learn. I had the opportunity to join him in surgery, truly shoulder to shoulder, experiencing his actual skill. But not only watching him but seeing how his assistants support him and organizing his instrument set-up, his implant system and the dynamic of technology in their facility. Nobody gets this opportunity unless you’re part of this group, this network. You know, literally every minute I’m learning a pearl or a new process or a skill that I will immediately implement in my practice. You can tell Dr. Almasri has a passion for teaching. And when teachers love to teach it’s the student that benefits.

None of this would be available to me if it were not for Frontline. By bringing together the best groups and the best practices, we will be able to network those ideas and grow together. This mentorship environment Frontline has created will advance my knowledge, my practice and our entire industry. In my work environment, I’ve been a solo dentist specifically around the implants in the forge. So to be in a mentorship environment where we are business partners and colleagues, and we’re coming together to learn and grow; it’s a pretty cool feeling. And I mean, it’s new for me and it is something that I wanted my entire career. I knew instinctively that continuing to learn and master my craft would ultimatley lead to better patient care. You know, for myself and my team, when we when we are able to see the patient become a better version of themselves sometimes that does happen right in the chair in front of you. They will smile and they will see their smile and you can see their confidence improve. It’s life changing for them and for me.

Frontline Institute is only available to doctors in this unique Dental Implant Partnership Network, a first of its kind. You become a member by qualifying for the partnership. There’s more information on Frontline’s website. But obviously I am feeling great about my decision to join the network and I am ready to share my knowledge with my colleagues, partners and all members of the network.

Thank you, Dr. Almasri. I look forward to our next meeting.