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What is a Dental Implant Partnership Network?


March 10, 2023

Often, joining a group feels less like a partnership and more like working for a corporation. It can bring about a range of changes to how you practice, such as senior doctors or investors having more influence over the care you provide. Practices may even lose authority over their identity, brand, and culture, leading to patient confusion and a lack of team confidence.

Frontline Dental Implant Specialists (FDIS) is the World’s first Dental Implant Partnership Network (DIPN), providing practice owners and stakeholders to control their destinies. Unlike traditional Dental Groups, Frontline created the DIPN to help premiere dental implant practices leverage their market success, supporting them at every level with decades of professional expertise with a proven formula to create value and focus on operational growth. It’s a true partnership designed to help practices with unparalleled resources so you can continue to focus on providing outstanding patient care. It’s not a DSO by a long shot.

How does Frontline define partnership?

Partnership means more control over your own destiny, including maintaining 100% clinical autonomy. Other groups focus on the group, conforming across the board. With Frontline, we genuinely build the business together through the partnership. What exactly does that mean? It means before we partner with your practice, we give you a peak behind the curtain to see everything Frontline is about. We have direct upfront conversations, encourage you to talk to other practices we’ve partnered with, and have a team of experts ready for you to tap into once you partner.

Part of our partnership difference is that your office benefits from our practice management software, customer relationship management software, and an honest review of what’s working and might need some help in your office so you know what support is required. Rest assured, we always promptly and efficiently pre-plan with new partners to prepare for the first few months of onboarding. Support and training are provided throughout the onboarding process to make it as smooth as possible (we all know how chaotic technology changes can be).

We always promptly and efficiently pre-plan with new partners to prepare for the first few months of onboarding. As a Frontline partner, you and your clinical teams receive exclusive services and support while maintaining autonomy. Your practice remains, your brand remains, and your patients remain. At Frontline, we put your vision first.

Your team and your practice will immediately benefit through connections with professionals throughout the network as they share their experiences, tactics, and strategies for success. Through exclusive Frontline Institute mentoring programs, you’ll meet FDIS clinicians at all stages of expertise across the country, sharing techniques and increasing knowledge, skills, and confidence.

The value of collaboration and mentorship knows no bounds

Joining the First Dental Implant Partnership Network provides you with a wealth of opportunities to make a lasting impact on the lives of your patients, team members, and yourself. As an exclusive benefit, you’ll have access to the Frontline Institute, our one-of-a-kind mentorship program.

Frontline Institute brings together the most experienced dental implant doctors and oral surgeons to share their knowledge with FDIS partners. Our collaborative learning environment offers both virtual and in-person classrooms, where clinicians of all levels of experience can learn from seasoned clinical and business leaders. We believe that the more knowledge and understanding we have, the better care we can provide for our patients. That’s why we consider investing in our partnerships to be essential for our future.

Our annual company event, Excelsior, honors our partners and their spouses for their superior performance, providing care and leadership over the past year. The event, held in a fun resort setting, brings together the best to review and discuss industry innovations, meet and engage with other top implant specialists, and learn leadership and motivation from guest speakers in business, entertainment, sports and other industries. It’s a much-deserved retreat for Frontline partners to interact with top vendors, relax and recharge.

As a Frontline partner, your team also receives a complete Frontline benefits package that includes the following:

  • Competitive Pay and Training
  • Medical Coverage includes:
    • Emergency Care
    • Telemedicine Services
    • Dental and Vision
    •  Health Savings Accounts
    • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Life Insurance, Accidental Death, and Disability Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • 401k Program

Our mission is to be your growth partner, to support your practice at every level and provide the resources you need so you can continue to focus on delivering outstanding patient care. There are no uncertain tactics or loss of autonomy. Simply put, there’s no BS. We believe that when partners do what they do best, everyone succeeds.

In our next The Thread post, we’ll give you more insights into the World’s First Dental Implant Partnership Network, discuss more industry knowledge and share our expertise to help your practice.