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June 12, 2023

By Ryan Torresan
Chief Marketing Officer, Frontline Dental Implant Specialists

Joining our network comes with many benefits including access to marketing support, preferred vendors, market insights and research, and thought leadership. We look at marketing as an opportunity to share your story with potential and current patients. Just like you make emotional connections with your patients over time, your marketing should make those same connections. Maybe you’re already marketing at this level or maybe you’re not. Maybe your marketing is working or maybe it’s not. That’s why we do an in-depth Marketing Audit in the first 90 days of the partnership. We’ll review with you your current and past marketing efforts and any plans you’re making for the immediate future during our comprehensive marketing audit. This allows us to gain insights into your patient acquisition cost, messaging strategy, advertising budgets, marketing tactics being used, key milestone metrics like conversion from lead to consult, etc. This leads to Frontline making observations and recommendations about your marketing. We are like honest mechanics; we share with you what is working and what could be better or if something is broken. We come armed with solutions, fixes and preferred vendors. And we are smart enough to know if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Our role is simple. To help with any marketing needs you may have. We have the benefit of working with many practices and are exposed to what’s working, what’s trending, and what may make sense in your market. There is power in numbers and our network offers massive experience. Sharing those insights, tactics and metrics from your marketing with you on a monthly call is another way we support your office. Monthly review of marketing results is critical for steady growth.

Let me give you some real life examples, often we find digital marketing and social media vendors that are taking advantage of the practice. We’ve come across some vendors charging egregious marketing management fees of 35% and others who were billing the practice but have not logged into the practices account in months. Sometimes it seems as if the only follow-up from vendors is sending a monthly bill. In other instances, we have found team members had good intentions but setup campaigns that were targeting overseas instead of the state they serve or nearby states. Some offices were limiting their potential by only doing a 10 mile marketing radius, when in reality they could attract patients from 100+ mile radius. And we have seen offices that were drastically overpaying for the TV media buys and creative production. Frontline marketing gives you an honest assessment, so you get valid intel to make your marketing work in the best interest of your office.

Lead generation and management is a very important topic in marketing these days. We bring this knowledge to the table as we have a view into all our partner practices. This resource is critical to growth. Reviewing your metrics with you plus offering real benchmarks allows you to make the right moves toward increasing bookings. As much as you need content to establish your practice as credible and that connects with the patient emotionally, you need to focus on turning those leads into consults. We know through our network and our own research that people who come in for a consultation are likely to receive 2nd and 3rd opinions before deciding where to have the procedure. This is why what you present to the consumer before consult, at time of consults and follow-up with the potential patient is so crucial in your marketing efforts.

Having great content and metrics in place will help you take that consultation from an opportunity to a booking and getting the consumer the care, they need. Because of the Frontline network we have access to metrics and learnings from the best implant practices in the country. This helps your marketing become better and helps you reach your goals.

Another way Frontline supports your office is via our group of Preferred Marketing Vendors. Each and every vendor has been vetted to ensure they can make an impact on your business should you choose to work with them. This includes advertising agencies, digital marketing vendors, social media experts, creative production companies, research experts and more. This combined with Frontline marketing is all designed to save you the time, money and aggravation of trying to find the right marketing and/or marketing vendor to grow your practice. Afterall, we have all worked with an ineffective marketing vendor before or a digital marketing vendor who generated a lot of impressions but had next to no consults. We know how frustrating it can be to waste time and money on false promises or unmeasurable marketing. Together, we’ve got this.

At Frontline your office is on the same practice management software and customer relational management (CRM) software as every office in the network. This benefits your practice as you get real reporting and metrics that not only show you the insights you need but also helps us decide which marketing levers to pull to have a bigger impact and return on investment.

If for some reason your practice is really struggling with marketing or falling short of achieving your goals, Frontline marketing is ready to jump in and offer our help and get you to where you need to go.

Remember, Frontline believes the more we help each other, the better patient care becomes. And that’s really what this is all about.

Please feel free to call me at 586.265.8070 or email me with any questions or comments.