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Promises Kept - Working with Frontline

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June 12, 2023

By Dr. Mike Golpa, DDS, Las Vegas, Nevada
Frontline Dental Implant Specialists Network Partner

Exceeding expectations these days seems rare. I can honestly say that since I became a Frontline team member, they have exceeded my expectations on every level.

Let’s start with trust. As one of the first doctors in the All-on-4 space when I was introduced to Frontline and their “We’re not like other groups” pitch, I have to say I was skeptical. We all get approached by various groups, DSOs or private equity firms that offer promises that seem too good to be true or, when researched, you find out are not kept. By my count, Frontline has lived up to every promise they made in our very first meeting. That says a lot about the integrity of the organization. They promised I would not have to change team members. Not only do I have the same wonderful, dedicated team, but I have also been able to expand the team. Frontline promised they would never interfere in my clinical decisions, and they don’t. Frontline promised that if something were changed and I did not like it or think it was working for my practice, we would discuss it and do what is best for my practice. And they have kept that promise too.

The Frontline partnership promise to support my practice in any way they can even includes making equipment available to me. During my audit review, I mentioned how great it would be to add two CT scanners so we could expand our offerings to include doing Zygomatic implants. A few days later, I got a call from Frontline’s Procurement & Facilities Group asking for the specifics on the scanners and other details. Less than a month later, they were being installed in my practice. The support has been incredible.

But change can be scary and challenging too. Frontline promised to offer support in human resources, finance, procurement, marketing, operations and other areas, and I have been able to leverage each one as needed to improve my practice. I am so grateful for the way they have handled everything. I am 100% sure my experience with another group would not have been the same.

When it comes to discussions of growth potential, practice value and changing patients’ lives, I am happy to say we are right on course to hit our marks by the end of 2023. Frontline supports every aspect of my business, including bringing on new financing partners to help patients get the care they want. I have found them to be truly interested in helping me reach my personal and practice goals.

As you may know, practices must meet certain criteria to join the Frontline network. For all the reasons above, I feel so lucky to have been accepted and welcomed into the Frontline family. If your practice is in the position to join me in the Frontline network, rest assured that promises made will be kept.