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What is Your Growth Plan?

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June 12, 2023

By Angus McLean
Chief Growth Officer, Frontline Dental Implant Specialists

My title at Frontline is Chief Growth Officer. My job is to grow our business by growing your business. In the purest sense, what’s good for you is good for me. It’s the perfect partnership. And I believe the best way to grow our businesses is to innovate them.

Over the next weeks and months, I’ll share stories and experiences as Frontline continues to grow and the first Dental Implant Partnership Network, or DIPN, begins to innovate our industry.

Frontline takes a partnership approach with our network doctors and practices. We genuinely build the business together. No name change. It’s still your practice in name and brand. No new logo. You have more control over your destiny. This is a true partnership. And the best partnerships allow each partner to do what they do best. When we do that, everyone succeeds.

But possibly the greatest value of our Frontline network is the network itself and the “behind the curtains” industry view that it offers. My job is to stay at the tip of the spear, identifying opportunities and seeking our industry’s future. This blog will share new best practices, both surgically and operationally. We will introduce you to industry thought leadership with a focus on giving you actionable information. When you join our network, our focus becomes adding value.

But how do we know if your practice is right for us or vice versa? Like all great relationships, it starts with getting to know each other. Before you become a Frontliner, we ask ourselves and you five questions.

Today let’s talk about questions number one and two.

1. Do we share the same vision for your practice’s growth?

The answer starts with you having a vision and sharing it. How many locations? Staff growth? Revenue goals? If your vision includes answering yes to the following questions, then that’s a pretty good sign that we’re in alignment.

Is quality patient care your end goal? Is partnering with the highest quality healthcare leaders important to your growth? Do you seek innovation to enable personal and business transformative growth? Does being part of a network help with the challenges of your practice?

As I speak with the top oral surgeons and dental implant practices around the country, it is clear there needs to be a new business model for success. And for Frontline, success means growth in both patient care and revenues. That’s what
our Dental Implant Partnership Network accomplishes. But we can only do that together.

In any business, growth means change. And change can be challenging unless you have a concise and transparent change management plan.

2. What does change mean for my practice?

There will be some changes and adaptations in the first couple of months as we get onto the same network systems and new practices. Rest assured, support and training will be provided throughout this time to make it a smooth transition. Frontline has successfully implemented a 90-day transition program covering HR, operations, IT, accounting, marketing and more. Creating a transparent plan and communicating directly and frequently with your team members ensures that everyone is on the same page.

If you would like more information on our DIPN, please email me at

Check out my podcast, where we’ll go into all five questions to consider when deciding to join the Frontline Dental Implant Partnership Network.