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I know two things
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Investment in My Future

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June 12, 2023

By Dr. Miguel Estrella, Chula Vista, CA
Frontline Dental Implant Partnership Network Partner

The decision to partner with Frontline was not taken lightly. San Diego is a very competitive market. By the last count, there are over 15 competing practices. With an ocean on one side and another country on the other, we need to be smart operationally with our growth plan. I needed Frontline to invest in the future of the practice I share with my brother. And they did.

Frontline has invested in us in terms of a new PMS system, allowing us to better automate and streamline our practices and administrative tasks and making our office more efficient. They also updated our current CRM system to be the same as all the other offices, allowing for better connection with our call center and management of our marketing spend.

Frontline’s facilities and procurement group helped us update key aspects of the office and identified better prices and terms on supplies and equipment. I said I needed help with growth, and that’s exactly what I got.

Listen, I had never sold a business before or had partners, but I knew two things. One, I needed help to grow. Two, DSOs are not for me. When I first met with Frontline and was introduced to their Dental Implant Partnership Network, it was refreshing to see their non-corporate, no-takeover, full-autonomy approach. They work behind the scenes on operational services, such as accounting, an area I needed support in. I feel like we are all pulling in one direction. It’s one for all and all for one. When everyone has skin in the game and is pushing hard in the same direction, that’s really when we see the hard work pay off financially, personally and in increased patient care.

Being accepted as a Frontline partner has changed my life, my team’s life and my patients’ lives, and it has given us the financial confidence to continue growing at a rate we feel comfortable with. If you would like more information about my experience with Frontline, please feel free to reach out to me.